Relocation Services

We’re that solution – the must have when you’re relocating to

London, West Midlands or Hertfordshire

Because we know what it’s like

We’ve been there too…a new city, a new job, new friends, a new home

and possibly a new school if you’re a family

It’s a lot to organise, so we give you the best home option possible

We take away the stress and hassle

Top-notch places to live with a choice - sharing with likeminded professionals or pristine homes for you and your family

We call it hassle free living

With everything taken care of, (we’ve thought of it all) from each bill, maintenance, service providers and weekly cleaners, you have one huge task sorted…possibly two when you’ve made fabulous new friends from our exclusive Ideal Rooms community

All you do is pay one fixed rental fee, turn up with you what you need, polish your smile, get settled quicker in your new job and practice those dance moves...

So whether your looking for yourself or for a new colleague, email us with your details and we’ll get rocking on organising a hassle free + memorable living experience straight away.

Welcome to Seamless Relocation Services With a Choice