Landlord Benefits

Ideal Rooms makes renting your property easy. Simple.


Being a landlord can seem like a breeze. Having a property, renting it out, making money… piece of cake.

But often that pesky breeze gets restless and blows dust and leaves into a big messy property pile that constantly needs sweeping away and suddenly your investment has become more trouble than its worth.

What we’re talking about -

At Ideal Rooms we know that renting a property comes with a load of hassle; finding good professional tenants who’ll pay the rent on time, getting references, weekend maintenance, keeping the place in tip-top shape, worrying about the place being empty... the list can sometimes seem endless and that leaf pile just gets bigger and bigger.

How Ideal Rooms can help.

Ideal Rooms has the solution – we do all the messy property management work for you. That’s right – we get out our brushes and do all the tedious sweeping and guarantee you rental payments. Perfect.

Letting through Ideal Rooms takes care of everything. We manage your property from finding tenants to having the place cleaned to sorting out all the paper work so that you have more time to enjoy your free time. Freely.

What we do.

  • We offer an exclusive fixed-term rental guarantee scheme, where residential landlords receive regular, void-free payments for 2-5 year periods, subject to requirements.

  • We safely and securely keep bonds from landlords, which are returned to them in full, at the end of the agreement if unused. It could be one, or a whole host of properties you have in your portfolio; we design the perfect package for you.

  • We carefully choose tenants: Professionals and Executives (sometimes with families.)

  • In the unlikely case of tenant evictions we’ll attend court and cover all legal fees so you don’t have to, this is all part of the rental agreement.

  • We have a team of Ideal Rooms elves on hand to clean, prune and keep your place looking like a sparkling new show home.

  • We work with you and your property (properties) giving you full online access to all the paperwork and customised agreements between you and us.

  • We are flexible. Although we prefer furnished properties we will work with what you have and need and make arrangements depending.


We get you because we’re landlords too – we know what’s important for you first hand and treat your properties as if they were our own.

What now?

If your house(s) or apartment (s) is in London, the West Midlands or Hertfordshire (see below for a full list) then call us on 0207 112 8889 or fill out the form so we can get back to you and make your life easier straight away. Brushes at the ready!

Located in:


  • Central and Inner London (Zone 1 and 2)
  • North London (any Zone)
  • West London (any Zone)
  • East London (Zones 1-3)
  • South London (Zones 1-4)

West Midlands

  • Birmingham
  • Stourbridge
  • Solihull


  • London fringes
  • Borehamwood
  • Hemel Hempstead
  • Apsley
  • Kings Langley
  • Watford
  • St Albans

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