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We did it for ourselves. We do it for you too.

Landlords that understand and can take the stress away.

Welcome to Hassle Free Guaranteed Payments

We source our properties from Landlords who dream of having tenants that treat your place with respect, care and pay the rent on time.

Join the carefree Landlords and Property Companies who use Ideal Rooms.

Inspite of reference checks and great credentials, you can’t guarantee a good tenant.

And it’s expensive for you when it’s empty.

There is an alternative.

Ideal Rooms ensure that you can concentrate on the more important things in life – family, work hobbies, holidays and a social life.

Whilst we devote our care and attention to giving you a home that pays you consistently.

Why Landlords Choose Ideal Rooms

With us you won’t be out of pocket by any non-payment tenant scenarios.

We offer an exclusive fixed-term rental guarantee scheme, where residential landlords receive regular, void-free payments for 2-5 year periods, subject to requirements.

We regular service your home so it is kept clean and with us, we won’t pass on the cost of most regular maintenance issues.

Yes really

And when you get your property back from us, it won’t be full of nasty surprises because we’ve had to keep it in shape for our Ideal Tenants

This is the Other Way

You picked the Housing Association or the Council to give you peace of mind, a guaranteed rent. But the rents they offer have fallen.

They gave you a bond but the tenants destroyed your property and now you’re out of pocket.

Causing you Stress, Wasting your Time and Money.

So you are renting it through an agent. They haven’t quite found anyone. They hope to soon…

Rent with Ideal Rooms

We are looking for select properties to join Our Guaranteed Rent Scheme. Why not drop us a line to find out more or send us an enquiry.

We will be back to you shortly to see if we can help.