We take care of everything

We take care of everything

Ideal Rooms makes renting easy. Simple.


More and more professionals are choosing Shared Living as an affordable and enjoyable wayto live and why wouldn’t they? Hanging out with like-minded people in centrally located accommodation, sounds like a dream… but all that annoying stuff you have to do: Finding a house, the paper work, the council tax… Oh I just can’t bare it! I hear you cry.

Don’t panic!

Well don’t panic because Shared Living with Ideal Rooms sorts out all of that frustrating andtime-consuming nitty-gritty so that you can spend more time on the important things, like having a nice time.

What you want.

From our own experience of shared living we know what it is you want from your rented property; quality and comfortable accommodation - suitable for the stylish and sophisticated person that you are - near to the action and close to amenities and travel inks. We also know that there those annoying and arduous things that you could do without.

With Ideal Rooms you no longer need to spend hours listening to hold music or arranging bill payments or filling in the council tax forms, nope, we do it all for you so you can have cuppa, sit down and relax.

How does it work?

At Ideal Rooms you’ll have one fixed, monthly rental payment. No extra costs. No nasty surprises.

We offer, what we think is, the perfect combination of quality accommodation without the fuss, it’s like the rental version of strawberries and cream.

What we offer.

Quality furnished and fully equipped accommodation in the greatest cities, villagesand towns in England, all with transport links and amenities close by.

One price including all bills; electricity, water, council tax as well as weekly cleaning and gardening services.

We help you find like-minded people to share with. It can be daunting living withpeople you don’t know; so we interview and put in time and effort to create a like-minded community.

We’re also really nice. Honestly, you can ask us for help with anything (propertyrelated) and we will give you advice and do our best to find a solution.

What’s next?

Are you thinking about moving in with others? Do you need help finding accommodation in a new place? Do you want a stress-free shared living experience? If so then we are waiting for your call and would be honoured to help you in your search for a new home and living companions.

We’d love to hear from you. Why not write to us?